Kezava Patient Engagement

Keep patients engaged and on track for surgical procedures

Manage the physician, nurse, clinic staff, room, and equipment schedules for outpatient clinics through one dynamic, interlinked schedule. Kezava Clinic Management System is a comprehensive solution for automating manual Excel, paper, and legacy-system-based scheduling processes into web and mobile enabled applications with business analytics, dashboards, and real-time notifications. The solution is easy to configure and easily adapts as your clinic processes evolve.

Reduced workload for patients and staff

Patients can monitor and manage their pre and post surgery journey and progress from their mobile devices. Staff workload is reduced, and the pre and post-surgery patient engagement is simplified and streamlined for both patients and staff

Clear visibility of each patients journey

Kezava’s user-friendly interface provides the staff with a clear view of each patient’s  status, giving management better insight into each patient’s pre and post procedure journey. 

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Coaching that keeps patients on track

Patients receiving timely reminders through multiple channels like email and in-app notifications helping them keep track of their various pre and post surgery prerequisites such as medical appointments and patient education.

Real time communication

 Patients can communicate securely and confidentially and get guidance from physician office staff in real time from within the patient engagement app.

Implementation Process

The Synaptris services team will work alongside your clinical, operational and IT leadership team to deliver a Clinic Supply Management Solution that you can deploy in days, not weeks or months. Using configurable interface and our experience in adapting the platform for a variety of clinic settings, we can tailor the solution to meet your organization’s specific workflow needs within days. You can expect an agile roll out process that is collaborative and participatory—not prescriptive.